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How to Express your Decorating Personality

express yourself

Today, more than ever, we have access to other people’s lives. We know what friends and strangers are doing, eating, loving and hating, in real time. When it comes to our homes there are lots of great sources for design inspiration online, on our TVs, and in print. But with so much outside input how do we go about expressing our own decorating personality? Here are some ideas for creating a home that feels like your home:

1. Use what you love. Do you ever go digging through a closet and come across something that you forgot about that fills your heart with joy? That’s the stuff that should be out for you to see every day. Find a way to display your treasured items, either hung on the wall, set on a bookshelf, or placed in a beautiful tray on your bedroom dresser.

2. Mix styles. Not everything in a space has to match, and the most interesting interiors intentionally combine pieces from different eras. Don’t be afraid to place an antique chair or lamp in your modern home. I proudly display the art deco radio that belonged to my great-grandfather and it is the one thing visitors always notice at my place.

3. Be bold. Include one unexpected item in each room to keep it from looking like a page in a Pottery Barn catalog. Like a great wardrobe, your home should reflect your personal style and be a perfect fit. Don’t be afraid to create a home that is authentically yours.

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