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How to Organize a Pantry Cabinet

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This was a simple project that made a big difference in the functionality of this client's pantry cabinet. Because the storage area is so deep (3 feet!), items were getting lost and were difficult to reach. Here's what I did to make better organize this pantry cabinet:

1. Relocated items that belonged elsewhere in the kitchen or were not currently in use (i.e., the KitchenAid mixer).

2. Placed the most-frequently-used food items on the front of the lowest shelf. Baking and storage items were placed behind but still within view.

3. Turned cereal and cracker boxes on their sides and placed on the front edge of the middle shelf so they are visible and within reach.

4. Put least-frequently-used items on the top shelf with labels facing out. A plastic bin was used to house small bagged items that tend to flop over (seen on the right side of the top shelf).

Are any of these ideas useful for organizing your own kitchen? Let me know!

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