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How to Arrange Outdoor Furniture

deck furniture

The summer is flying by here in Central New York, but there is still plenty of time for outdoor entertaining. Here are some tips for how to arrange your outdoor furniture to impress your guests and get the best use out of your deck or patio.

1. Set a floor plan made for conversation. Think of your outdoor spaces like you would your living room, and group seating so that guests can face one another and talk comfortably. Provide tables to set drinks down and some outdoor throw pillows for color and softness.

2. Create zones for different outdoor activities. Define separate areas on a larger deck or patio for grilling, eating, socializing, and relaxing. Think about the most logical placement, for example, placing the grill nearest to the door allows easy access to the kitchen.

3. Use rugs to define the areas. Outdoor rugs have come a long way from scratchy astroturf. There are many great colors and patterns available in materials that are soft underfoot and can withstand the weather. Once you have determined your seating arrangement, purchase one large enough to allow at least the front feet of the furniture to sit on it. If you can't find the exact size you need consider layering two as shown here.

4. Add lighting to make nighttime entertaining special. Nothing creates a festive atmosphere like some fun outdoor lighting. Try a string of colorful bulbs or some citronella candles to keep the mosquitos away. These were hung simply by screwing a few small cup hooks into the underside of the railing.

With just a few tweaks you can make your outdoor space more useful and welcoming. Check out more of my tips and ideas to glam up your outdoor decor in Syracuse Woman Magazine:

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