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5 Things You Can Get Rid of Right Now

Declutter now

Signs of spring are showing up in Central New York, and warmer temperatures feel like a fresh start. Why not channel those feelings into decluttering your home? Here are 5 things you can get rid of right now to feel lighter and more organized immediately! 1. Books It can be tough to part with books because we get emotionally attached to the stories we have loved. Maybe you hang on to them just in case you want to reread them, but ask yourself how often has that actually happened? Take a critical eye to your book collection and try to pare down to your “desert island” items. As for reference books and cookbooks, almost any of the information they contain can be quickly accessed online. Donate to: your public library’s book sale 2. Linens Most of us have a linen closet full of sheets and towels past their prime. Set aside some time to empty it out completely and get rid of anything that is ratty, faded, or not being used. Keep only two sets of sheets per bed (one in use and one to swap out on laundry day), and enough towels to get your family through to the next wash cycle. Donate to: your local animal shelter 3. Magazines These tend to pile up because we tell ourselves we will read them when we have some free time. If a periodical has been hanging around more than 6 months, it’s clearly not information you are that interested in reading, so pass it along. Donate to: a nursing home or day-care center for crafts 4. Toiletries Whether it’s expired medications, cosmetics that didn’t work for you, or a million tiny shampoo bottles from your travels, your vanity or medicine cabinet can probably use a serious clean-out. Donate (unopened items only) to: a homeless shelter or women’s shelter 5. Condiments Where do all those random bottles of ketchup and salad dressing come from? Next garbage day go through your fridge and get rid of all the assorted condiments that are expired, dried up, or disliked by your family. You’ll be amazed at how much extra space you have without them! Donate to: the recycling bin

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Make it fab! Carrie

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