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My Very First Interior Design Project

throwback design
carrie luteran

It's Throwback Thursday and I'm feeling nostalgic about my very first interior design project: my childhood bedroom! Or, more accurately, my adolescent bedroom. My childhood bedroom was decorated by my mother in a very nice '70s-era yellow floral wallpaper with matching border, curtains, and bedspread. At around age 12 I started covering the walls with posters of Duran Duran and Don Johnson, and soon after that I decided I needed something more grown-up that reflected my modern taste. This is what I came up with:

minimalism bedroom

This is really super-minimalist, spartan, even. It doesn't look like much but I remember pouring over catalogs to pick out that bed and dresser. I also thought this hanging light fixture in the "music corner" was the coolest:

music stand

It's fun to look back at these photos and see how my style has changed and not changed (I still have a framed poster of Duran Duran in my bathroom). And it makes me grateful to my parents for allowing me to create my own space. If not for them I might be doing something completely different with my life.

RIP Robert Palmer.

bedroom door

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