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How to Figure Out Your Decorating Style

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With the new season upon us you might be getting the urge to redecorate. Before starting any interior design project it is important to determine your decorating style. This makes the selection process much easier, so that instead of looking at every sofa a retailer has to offer, you can easily narrow it down to just a handful. Determining your decorating style can be confusing, however, because “modern”, “traditional”, and “boho-rustic-chic” can mean different things to different people. If you are unsure about your own design plan, here are some ideas to help define it:

1. Look at your favorite furnishings – Tour your current space and make note of the things you really love. Pay attention to the items that make you happy, that you would want to save in case of a fire, that you think really reflect your personality. Do they share a similar shape, material, or color palette? Are they from the same era? All of this information will give you insight into your own taste.

2. Look at your closet – The way you dress is a good indicator of your preferred personal style. Do you favor classic fabrics and silhouettes? Vintage style? Clean lines without a lot of fuss? Comfort over everything? Think about how your taste in clothing could be translated into home furnishings. Your closet can also give clues as to the colors that you love and look best on you. Use them in your decorating, too!

3. Look at the features of your home – When was your home built? Does it have specific architectural details that made you fall in love with it? Or maybe there are elements that you really dislike. Thinking about the features you would like to highlight or downplay can focus your decorating approach.

I would advise taking photos as you do this inventory and then uploading them into a single album, document, or Pinterest board (create a private one if you prefer). You can even print them out and tack them to a bulletin board. The key is to be able to view all these elements at one time. Then, when you are shopping for new items try adding them to this inspiration board to see how they fit. If you found these tips helpful be sure to subscribe to the Pretty Neat weekly email! You'll get a short and sweet message each week with my best advice for a more beautiful and functional home. Click here to sign up, and you'll also receive my FREE guide: How to Get Rid of Stuff! Make it fab! Carrie

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