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Lessons Learned From a Month of Decluttering

month of decluttering

On April 1st I launched my #FiveFiveThirty decluttering challenge, and every day since I have spent 5 minutes getting rid of 5 items. This method was unique in that it required a commitment over a long period of time. I’ve learned some lessons that you can use whether you try this particular challenge or a less-structured method of simplifying. 1. Be accountable – The most important tool I’ve discovered in staying motivated this month is creating accountability. I committed to posting a photo on social media each day of the five items I decided to get rid of, and there were many days I would have skipped if it weren’t for that commitment. You might not be comfortable posting a photo for the world to see, but you can create accountability by asking someone in your household to check in on your progress. Another option is to enlist a friend to do the challenge with you and then keep each other on track. 2. Create a habit – The first few days of the challenge required some effort, but after about a week I found my mindset had changed. As I moved through my home I was automatically looking for things to add to the discard pile, and I got excited about each item I found. 3. Break it into small chunks – There is something to be said for spending a day doing a deep clean of your home. But I found that doing it a little at a time has been easy and I didn’t have to block out a lot of time in my schedule to accomplish it. 4. Have a sorting area in your home – I found that my discarded items piled up quickly, so I had to designate a space for sorting. Before you embark on this task, set up an area where you can divide things to trash, donate, or sell. 5. Get the stuff out ASAP – This is one aspect I have not kept up on, and my sorting area is getting a bit out of control. I would recommend taking some time each week to load donations into your car and post items to sell. This also helps guard against changing your mind about discarding things while they sit. Would you like to try my decluttering challenge? Find out more about #FiveFiveThirty here!

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