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How to Start Decorating a Room

decorating a room

When potential clients contact me about an interior design project they are usually overwhelmed. “I don’t know where to start” is something I hear all the time. If you need some direction for you own decorating projects, try my approach: 1. Function first – The most important place to begin is not with how the room will look but how it will function. A pretty space that doesn’t support the things you want to do there is useless. Start by asking yourself how you want to use the room: to relax, entertain, watch TV, or work on a hobby? How many people will it need to accommodate? It is also helpful to think about things you want to be doing in your home. Your environment impacts your behavior, so carving out a place to write that book or to exercise will help you reach your goals. 2. Floor plan – The furniture arrangement will be determined by the function of the room. What are the large pieces that need to be included for this space to work? Maybe it’s comfortable seating and a place for the TV, or a dining table and buffet, or a desk and filing cabinets. If you need to purchase new items do this step first, and then bring your room measurements when you go shopping. 3. Style and mood – Once you’ve decided on the function and arrangement of the room you can address the look. Think about how you want the space to feel when you are in it. What style appeals to you and will work with the rest of your home? If you need direction, look for photos online or in magazines and collect the ones that appeal to you (Houzz is a great resource). Look for common elements in them and use those to guide any purchases you make. You can learn more about determining your style here and selecting colors here.

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