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An Easy (and Cheap!) Way to Hide Cords

hide cords

Today I'm sharing a quick organizing project I did over the weekend. I recently rearranged some furniture and now have my TV and related components on this open table:

messy tv stand

While I love the airy look of this table, the exposed cords were a real eyesore. I thought about ways to hide them and I came up with the following solution:

cheap storage bins

These are storage bins currently available at Target. I liked these for two reasons: they are ventilated so they won't cause overheating, and they have side openings where cords can be fed through. I used the smaller of the two, which sells for $4.99. Alternatively, you could use a woven basket you already own or even a decorative cardboard box with holes cut in the back or sides.

corraled cords

I first placed my power strip in the bottom of the bin and fed the cord out one side so it could reach to the wall outlet. The cords for all components were were fed through the opposite side, plugged into the power strip, and neatly wrapped with velcro ties. Once they were all in place I simply slid the bin into place on the lower shelf.

organized tv stand

You can see the huge improvement this made! While a few of the cords are still visible behind the shelf I am happy to gave gotten them off the floor.

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