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How to Get Organized for Free

get organized for free

Retailers have sold us the idea that getting organized requires buying a bunch of pretty, matching containers. But you don't need any special equipment, and there are probably things sitting around your house right now that you can use to corral your stuff. Here are some of my favorite organizing tools that don’t cost a dime!

repurposed mason jars

1. Glass jars – Lots of store-bought spreads and sauces come packaged in wide-mouthed glass jars. Once empty, clean them thoroughly and you have clear containers that are great for a multitude of uses. Try using them to store pantry items like sugar, flour, and rice. They are also handy in your garage or craft area for the items you want to identify at a glance. 2. Plastic food containers – Give those take-out containers a new use inside drawers to keep small items like pens, paper clips, and batteries from rolling around.

repurposed shoe boxes

3. Shoe boxes – Cardboard shoe boxes are the perfect size to store small items in the office and linen closet. Add a label or write directly on the side to make finding things easy. Take off the top and they can be used inside your dresser drawers to corral socks, tights, or ties.

repurposed packaging

4. Packing materials – Pay attention to the boxes you receive in the mail, and repurpose them for your storage needs. With a few cuts a shipping box can become storage for paper or magazines. 5. Boxes from checks, jewelry, or electronics – These small, rectangular boxes are great for organizing your junk drawer.

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