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5 Ways to Use a Rolling Cart to Get Organized

rolling cart

ikea rolling cart

IKEA's beloved RASKOG cart is a storage powerhouse. With three shelves, sturdy wheels, and a small footprint, it can help corral clutter in just about any space. If you're like me and you don't have an IKEA close by, Target sells a knockoff (pictured below) for the same low price of $30. You can also scour Craigslist or your own basement for a similar item: rolling metal carts seem to be made in every era, a testament to their usefulness.

target rolling cart

Here are a few examples of how this hard-working cart can be put to use in your home:

bathroom storage

Is your bathroom lacking counter space? Use a cart to keep toiletries and tissues at your fingertips. The lower shelves are great for storing extra towels and essentials.

kitchen storage

In the kitchen this cart can hold your most-used dishes, pantry items, or bulky pots that take up too much space in your cupboards. The Target version has top handles that can double as towel bars.

easy bar cart

Love the look of a bar cart but lacking space? This one is sturdy enough to hold spirits and glassware, but small enough to fit into any empty corner or next to your sofa.

bedroom storage

If you need more storage in the bedroom, swap out this cart for one of your bedside tables. The top can hold your nighttime reading and glass of water, while the lower shelves can corral small items or even an extra blanket. The mesh shelves allow your phone cord to be fed through, making a handy charging station.

garage storage

In the garage this hardworking item can hold tools and shop rags. Roll it where you need it, and then out of the way when your project is done.

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