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Tips For a Cozy Guest Room

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Here we are - the week of Thanksgiving! - and I am concluding my series on getting ready for the holidays. For the past four weeks I have addressed a different room in the home with tips for decluttering and decorating. If you missed any of the previous installments you can catch up here. Today I am tackling the guest room! Most people host overnight guests only occasionally, so your guest room probably serves double-duty. If you typically use this space for an office, playroom, or even just storage, you may overlook some small details that can make a big difference in the comfort of your guests. Here are some ideas to make it a warm and welcoming space: 1. Control the light – Your guests are on vacation, so give them the option of sleeping past dawn with window coverings. An easy and effective option is to purchase ready-made curtains that have blackout lining. Hang them from a simple rod with clip rings, and they will slide open and closed without a fuss. 2. Clean it up – Make your guests feel welcome with clean and uncluttered accommodations. Wash the sheets, run the vacuum, and put away your own stuff. I’d also recommend keeping the décor neutral and personal items like family photos to a minimum. 3. Give them space – Make room in the closet for your guests to hang a few items and provide a bench or luggage rack for their suitcase. No one wants to keep their clothes on the floor, or worse, hoist their dirty luggage onto the bed. 4. Provide the essentials – Stock your guest room with necessities such as tissues, basic toiletries like soap and shampoo, pain reliever, band-aids, bottled water, wastepaper basket, extra blanket, and towels. Having these things on hand will keep your guests from having to ask or go searching late at night for what they need. 5. The pillow question – Haven’t we all had the experience of staying in an unfamiliar place where the pillows were the complete opposite of what we’re used to? It usually makes for a restless night and aching neck the next day. Since preferences vary greatly on pillow firmness, I would suggest providing a couple of medium-to-soft pillows that can be stacked for guests who need more support.

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