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How to Make a Beautiful Home Without Clutter

decorate without clutter

Since I work as an interior designer and professional organizer I often find myself caught between two opposing forces: the need to declutter and the desire for decoration. Is there a way to make your home warm and full of personality without adding a lot of extra stuff? I say yes, and here’s how to do it:

1. Hang it up – Artwork can add lots of interest to a room, but because it’s hung on the wall it doesn’t clutter up the areas you need to use. There’s no need to fill your walls, but a few impactful pieces will keep rooms from looking bare.

beautiful bedroom

2. Check the floor – I love using area rugs to add color and pattern to a room. Even if you have carpeting you can layer a rug on top to define the seating area. This bedroom would be pretty blah without the rug, don’t you think? 3. Finish those windows – Dressing your windows is another opportunity to make your space unique. Complicated drapes are not necessary; simple panels hung from a decorative rod are all most windows need to look complete. Have fun with your fabric selection.


4. A few (big) accessories – When you’re adding objects to the surfaces and bookshelves in a space, bigger is better. Instead of a bunch of small tchotchkes, select just a few large items that speak to you. Stick to a limited number of colors and mix up the textures – woven, smooth, metallic – for an interesting but cohesive arrangement.

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