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Use One Container to Get Organized

container for organizing

If you shop in any big-box store these days you will find entire aisles of specialized containers to help you get organized. But do you really need all those different boxes, bins, and dividers in every conceivable size? I say no, and instead I utilize the same container in literally every room of my home. Here it is:

one container

Shoeboxes, the cardboard type or this plastic version, are what I call the MVP of organizing. Not too big and not too small, they are ideal for corralling all kinds of stuff. I purchase them in packs of 5 for $5 at Target to use for client projects, but you can repurpose any similar type of box you already have. Here are some ways that I put them to work in every room of the house:

corral anything

1. To organize the fridge, freezer, and pantry – Use them to hold bagged food items that are always tipping over and getting lost. Add a label to several of these containers to separate categories of food, like meats from veggies or salty snacks from sweet ones. 2. To organize the bathroom – Use them to organize toiletries: an open one on the counter for the items you use every day and another under the sink to hold extra supplies.

organize socks

3. To organize dresser drawers – They are perfect for holding rolled up socks, tights, and underwear.

cleaning supplies

4. To organize the area under the sink – Use them to keep cleaning supplies under control. 5. To organize the garage – They can take the place of that rusty tool box.

organize supplies

6. To organize the office – They can hold a variety of office supplies and printer ink.

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