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How to Stage a Home to Sell

staging home

Springtime is when many people decide to put their homes on the market. If you are getting ready to sell, staging will make your property more appealing to buyers and it may even get you more money. Here are some tips that will help show off your home at its best, along with before and after shots from a recent staging project. 1. Clean it out – The single most important thing you can do when preparing to show your home is to declutter. By simply clearing off all the visible surfaces, putting away clothes and toys, and giving the place a good scrub, you will make it so much more inviting to buyers. You know they are going to peek in closets and cabinets, so clear them out to only 2/3 full (rent temporary storage for your additional stuff if needed). This will give the illusion of generous storage space, a big selling point.

decluttered space

This before photo is a bit misleading because work had already started and the kitchen was filled with tools. But the after shows how much an old kitchen can be improved with new flooring, clean surfaces, and a few well-placed accessories. 2. Depersonalize the place – I am all for expressing yourself in your decorating, except when it comes time to sell your home. Take down family photos and pack away personal collections. Put away anything that would be considered weird or quirky, and paint over any bright wall colors. Think about the décor you typically find in hotels or public spaces – boring, I know, but it’s designed to appeal to everyone. That’s the look you’re going for.


Just removing the dated and wallpaper and decor made a huge difference in this area of the kitchen. The leaf was removed from the existing table to make the space roomier and easier to navigate. 3. Update within reason – Cosmetic updates like removing wallpaper and replacing dated light fixtures can go a long way toward making an older home feel current. However, if you are ready to sell it’s probably not worth taking on any major remodeling projects, and many buyers would prefer to make selections for a new kitchen or bathroom themselves.

no major remodeling

While this bathroom could use a major overhaul, we decided it was not worth the investment prior to listing. A new sink and toilet were installed, and the eye-popping wallpaper was removed. A fresh coat of paint and a few accessories made the space so much lighter and brighter. 4. Help them visualize – Arrange furniture to make your rooms look welcoming and open. Clear out some pieces to make circulation easy. Create a conversation area in the living room even if you never had it set up that way. Think about the likely buyers for your home and stage rooms accordingly. For example, consider turning your home office into a kid’s bedroom if you want to appeal to young families.

improve circulation

This bedroom felt cramped with a low dresser placed so close to the bed. Some of the furniture was removed to open up this space and allow room for a bedside table. Fresh paint, new bedding, and a few bright accessories were added for a more modern look. One last point: most people have a hard time imagining furniture in empty rooms, which is why selling a vacant house is so difficult. If you have to move out before selling, consider borrowing or renting furniture for staging purposes.

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