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How to Get Rid of the Stuff We All Hoard

stuff we hoard

Each of us has specific areas of weakness when it comes to clutter. Even the most organized people have a few things they tend to collect. I get to see a lot of homes and I’ve found there are certain items that almost everyone seems to hoard. Check your own stash and let me know if these are true for you: 1. Pens – Pens are the most common item in the category I affectionately call “free crap”. These are the giveaway items that you receive anytime you attend a conference, trade show, or even sign up for a new bank account. Because pens are functional and small, it seems there is no harm in keeping them. But how many pens does a household actually need? Try this: gather every pen, pencil, and marker that is in your house. Test them all out and ditch the ones that no longer work or you don’t like. 2. Coffee mugs - Coffee mugs are another common giveaway item, so most of us have a kitchen cabinet chock full of them. Take them all out and assess: some may have sentimental value or make us smile. Keep those, along with the nice ones that you use when entertaining. Donate the rest, and reclaim some valuable storage space. 3. Cleaning products – When is the last time you cleared out that space under the sink in your kitchen or bathroom? These areas tend to collect cleaning sprays and scrubs that never get used. Pare down to a few multipurpose cleaners and let the rest go. 4. Condiments – The door of the refrigerator is another spot in the house where unused items tend to collect. Make a note to yourself on the next trash day to check all the condiments and dump any that are expired or disliked. You’ll be amazed at how much extra space you’ll have!

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