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Don't Believe These Myths About Getting Organized

Myths About Getting Organized

Getting organized can seem overwhelming. If you’ve neglected clutter in your home for a while, it might feel like an impossible task. In working with clients I often find people buy in to myths about getting organized that make the task seem much worse than it is. Here’s how to bust through those myths and get the job done! Myth #1: Getting organized = Perfection All those ideas on Pinterest and HGTV make us think we need a color coordinated, alphabetical, perfectly arranged system in order to get organized The truth is: Organization simply means you can easily access the things you need in order to do the things you want to do. It looks different for everyone, so relax and know you don’t need to be BFFs with a label maker to have an organized home. Myth #2: Getting organized = Getting rid of all my stuff I often encounter a lot of fear when I meet with new clients. They think I’m going to force them to part with all of the things they hold dear. The truth is: While most of us could stand to lose some clutter, the end goal is not to reduce our belongings to nearly nothing. Instead, strive to be intentional about the stuff you keep, so that your home contains only the things you use and love. Myth #3: Getting organized = A terrible chore We often procrastinate about getting organized because it just seems like an awful task. The truth is: Getting organized is fun! That might sound crazy, but I see it in the people I work with and in the members of my Facebook community, Dare to Declutter. Once you start letting go of clutter, you feel less burdened and you have more physical and mental space for the things that are most important. It feels good, and that provides the motivation to continue.

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