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Tips For a Living Room You (and Your Guests) Will Love

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With the holiday season fast approaching I am continuing my series on organizing and beautifying every room in your home. Each week I will address a different space with tips for decluttering and decorating.

Today I am tackling the living room! Other than the kitchen this is probably where you spend the majority of your time at home. Make your living room a comfy and relaxing space with these tips: Use the 9-foot rule – Arrange your seating within a 9-foot circle. This is a good distance for people to comfortably talk with one another, and in most rooms it is also a good viewing distance from the TV. A surface for every seat – Make it easy for everyone to set down drinks by placing a tabletop surface within arm’s reach of each seat. This might require the addition of a coffee table, end tables, or a small accent table next to your chairs. Add levels of lighting – Relying only on overhead lighting can make your living room feel harsh and institutional. Warm up your space with table lamps and add some concentrated task lighting if you will be using the space to read, craft, or play games. Consider closed storage – To keep your living room from looking like a cluttered mess try adding some closed storage. This could be a media cabinet with solid doors, a chest of drawers, or bins on a shelf. Items that get regular use like video game controllers, DVDs, games, and craft supplies should all have a place where they can be put away easily. Add accessories that have meaning – It is surprising the impact a few well-placed accessories can make, and the living room is the perfect place to decorate with sentimental items. A gallery wall of family photos, objects from your travels, or a throw knitted by someone special will create a space that reflects your personality and reminds you of happy memories.

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