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Take Time to Revisit Your Annual Goals

goal planning

It’s hard to believe but this week marks the halfway point for 2017! This is the perfect time to revisit your goals for the year and check in with your progress. Or, if you didn’t set any goals in January, why not take a few minutes to think about what you want to accomplish in the next six months? Writing down your objectives makes it more likely you will actually achieve them, so grab a piece of paper and let’s get started! 1. Review (or create) your list – If you wrote down goals or resolutions at the start of the year, dig out that piece of paper and take another look. What progress have you made? Are they still important for you to achieve? Rewrite your list (or create it from scratch) and limit it to just a few objectives that would make the biggest difference in your life. Be sure to include why you want to achieve each one: this will keep you motivated when life gets busy. 2. Remind yourself often – Take that piece of paper and put it in a place you will look at every day: on your computer, the bedroom mirror, or your bedside table. Without a constant reminder it’s easy to lose sight of your goals and let everything else take priority. 3. Break it down – Divide each of your goals into smaller, achievable actions. Figure out all the steps to get to the finish line, and set deadlines for each one. Start this week and carve out some time in your schedule to devote to step #1 on the list. 4. Tell someone about it – Sharing what you plan to achieve with a friend or on social media makes it more real and will provide motivation to work toward it. One study found participants who checked in weekly with an accountability partner made the biggest strides toward achieving their goals. Enlist a friend who will keep you on track, or find an online group with similar goals. For example, if decluttering is on your list you can find like-minded folks in my Facebook group, Dare to Declutter!

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