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It's Amazing What You Can Get Used To

what you're used to

Think back to when you moved to your current home. Each time you walked into a room you probably noticed all the marks and imperfections left by the previous residents. Do you still even see them anymore? After a while, they just become part of the scenery. It is the same with clutter and disorganization. A pile of papers on the dining room table may annoy you for a week or so, but then you stop noticing it. A room that is arranged so you have to turn sideways to get around the sofa will seem inconvenient only for a while, and then that action becomes part of your routine. I encourage you to take a walk through your home and try to see it as if it was the first time. What has been left out that should be put away? What is taking up space but serves no useful purpose? What problems are there with the layout of your furniture? If you have a hard time with this, enlist a friend or family member who can give you an honest opinion.

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