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7 Signs You Need a Professional Organizer

professional organization

If you’re subscribed to my email you are most likely looking for help getting your home under control. Truth be told, there is no magic about what I do as a professional organizer. Most people already know they need to sort through the messy areas of their homes and make decisions about what to keep and what to toss. They know they need systems for handling incoming stuff and better methods of storage. But they just don’t do it. I want to address some of the reasons that might be holding you back from getting organized, and explain why bringing in a pro can finally get you on the right track. 1. You can’t get motivated – One of the most common reasons why clients seek out my help is that they lack the motivation to get organized. This is totally understandable: most people lead hectic lives filled with work and family obligations, and the last thing they want to do with their free time is spend it cleaning out the garage. But clutter can prevent you from really relaxing, because you’re always thinking of that stuff you have not addressed. An appointment with a professional organizer will get you out of your motivation slump and inspire you to tackle those tasks you’ve put off for too long. 2. You’re overwhelmed with the amount of clutter you have – If it’s been a long time since you decluttered, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things you have to deal with. I often work with people who have decades worth of belongings to sort through. It can seem like an insurmountable task, but there are techniques to make it easier. A professional organizer will help you break it down into manageable chunks. 3. You can’t stay focused on the task – Maybe you have attempted to tackle that junk room or overstuffed closet, but after a few minutes of work you get distracted. Since I work from home I understand just how easy it is to take a quick break to throw in a load of laundry and then get completely wrapped up in other activities. Spending a few hours with a professional organizer is surprisingly productive because you are giving the job your full attention, and a pro has tools to help make the most of your time spent together. 4. You don’t make the time to get organized – You may have great intentions of getting to that big project this weekend, but when the time comes other obligations always take precedence. Very few of us have lots of free time to devote to getting organized, but making an appointment with a professional commits you to spending those hours on it. When they show up at your house you have to set everything else aside and do the work. 5. You can’t part with anything – Clients often tell me when they start going through their stuff they get sentimental about everything. Decluttering paperwork becomes a trip down memory lane looking at the artwork your kids made in elementary school, and no real progress is made. One advantage a professional organizer has is their objectivity: they have no ties to you, your family, or your memories. They can help you see your memorabilia as just stuff, and in doing so, it will be much easier to separate the gems from the junk. 6. You don’t have systems in place – Without systems for handling and storing the things entering your home, any efforts you make to declutter will only be temporary. You may clean up that messy entryway or kid’s playroom, but in a few days it will be back to its original state of disarray. A professional organizer will talk to you about daily habits and the activities that take place regularly in your home, and help you create a plan for handling those things that constantly pile up. 7. You can’t maintain an organized home – Have you ever tackled a big organizing job, only to find yourself struggling to keep the space neat afterwards? Maintenance is one of the toughest challenges because there is a constant inflow of new stuff to deal with. An organizer will help you reduce that flow, set limits for how many things to keep, and assign everything a place: all essential elements for keeping your space tidy. They can also provide regular check-ins to keep you accountable.

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