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What Does an Interior Designer Do?

interior designer

When people contact me for help with their interior design projects they are usually overwhelmed. They know they need help but don't really understand what I can do. I'd like to share some images from an actual project of mine to give you a peek into my process and show what to expect if you are considering hiring a professional designer. 1. Gathering information - I ask clients to complete a questionnaire about their design goals, budget, and style preferences, and then we meet at their home so I can see the space and talk about what is working and not working. I take photos and detailed measurements of the space and any items they want to keep. 2. Space planning - I then work on creating a floor plan that will support the activities my client wants to do in the room. I use software to create a 3-dimensional plan that can be viewed from any angle, and usually provide several options for layout. In this plan the main focus was the TV, but I suggested swivel chairs that can turn to face the fireplace or the view outside for flexibility. I also provided sufficient circulation space to access the bar/buffet and the sliding glass doors to the backyard.

living room model

3. Creating a design scheme - Once the practical matters are addressed, the fun can begin! Using my client's preferences as a starting point, I suggest a color palette, style direction, and specific items that all work together to create a cohesive plan. Here is the design board for this room showing how all elements will look in the space.

living room idea board

4. Purchases and installation - The plan is fine-tuned and items from different sources are usually considered. Some clients prefer do the shopping and purchasing themselves, while others have me narrow down the options for them and then manage the orders. Here are some images from this completed project:

white fireplace mantle

red painting

grey sectional

wood floor lamp

open shelving

You can see more of this project here.

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