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Shoe Storage Solutions for the Entryway

shoe storage solutions

One question I get asked often is what to do about shoes cluttering up the entryway. If your household removes shoes at the door (and during Syracuse winters it’s pretty much required), you might also struggle with a disorganized pile of them that is a constant tripping hazard. Thankfully, there are a variety of storage solutions that can help keep your entryway neat and tidy. Here are a few of my favorites:

open shelving

These shelf-style organizers are what I use in my own home. They are one of the cheapest options available and mine have held up for years. I keep a couple on the floor of my coat closet, and even stacked they fit easily underneath the hanging items.

shoe rack

These ventilated organizers are a slightly more decorative option in case you need to store your shoes in plain view. They are stackable and the individual shelves can be removed to accommodate boots.

shoe cabinet

This IKEA cabinet is perfect for really tight spaces because it is less than seven inches deep! It also keeps your shoes out of sight. Keep in mind, this one does need to be attached to the wall.

storage bench

If you can spare the floor space, a bench with shoe storage underneath is a great entryway solution. This one is ideal for smaller households. It stores 4-6 pair of shoes, one pair of high heels or boots, and it even has a lift-up top to reveal a compartment for smaller items.

shoe storage

If you’re looking for shoe storage with a bit more style, this modern metal-trimmed unit from CB2 fits the bill. Other color and size options are available on the website.

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