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Organizing Tips for Small Spaces

small space organization

If you live in a small house or apartment you know how difficult it can be to stay organized. Any amount of clutter seems magnified and storage space is often lacking. I’ve lived in a lot of small spaces over the years and had to come up with creative storage solutions. Here are some of my best tips for keeping your small space neat and tidy. 1. Make full use of storage space – Take a look at your closets and cabinets, and look for empty areas. Typically, there is unused space below hanging clothes in closets, so consider adding a second hanging bar or stacking shoe racks to make full use of those sections. In your pantry or linen closet, adding shelf risers or a few clip-on baskets can also help maximize storage.

hanging closet bar
adjustable shelves

Under shelf basket - Amazon 2. Go vertical – When floor space is at a premium, consider adding tall storage units or wall-hung shelves to utilize the vertical space. A cubby unit like the one below one stores a lot of books and toys in a kid’s room and has a much smaller footprint than a bulky toy box. If you have small children remember to always properly attach furniture to the walls to avoid tipping hazards.

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Six cube organizer - Target 3. Make deep shelves work – Deep shelves in pantries and linen closets offer a lot of storage space but it can be difficult to access items in the back. Make it easier by adding bins that can be slid forward to grab what you need and easily slide back into place. Lazy susans are also useful for storing and accessing smaller items on shelves, particularly in corner cabinets.

16 inch turntable - Amazon 4. Consider closed storage – Clutter can appear magnified in small homes because there is simply less space for your eye to rest. Minimize visual distractions with closed storage solutions that keep your items hidden. When I lived in a tiny apartment I set my TV on a wide chest of drawers in the living room. It provided tons of storage space for office supplies, DVDs, and linens, and it kept everything out of sight. 5. Scale down furnishings – If you’re struggling to find a furniture arrangement that works in your small space it may be that your stuff is simply too big. Lots of retailers are introducing furniture collections sized specifically for apartments and smaller homes. Often, getting rid of just one piece of furniture in a room can have a big impact. Look around your home for those accent chairs, ottomans, or side tables that never get used and get rid of them. You’ll be surprised the difference a little extra floor space can make! Remember, the best way to get organized in any small (or large) home is to pare down your belongings. The fewer items you own, the easier it will be to store them, access them, and put them away.

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