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How to Organize Your Junk Drawer

organize junk drawer

Junk drawers get a bad rap. Most homes have them and they typically contain a jumble of small items, some of which are useful but most are actual junk. I think it is important to have a place for all those little things you need: scissors, tape, twist ties, lighter, toothpicks, measuring tape, batteries, chargers, etc. I encourage you to elevate your junk drawer to a utility drawer, which will make your life easier, not harder. Here’s how to do it: 1. Empty it out – Start by removing everything in the drawer. You will probably unearth things you haven’t seen in years and things you don’t recognize. While the drawer is empty, wipe it clean and move on to… 2. Sort and purge – Take stock of what you’re keeping in the drawer. Remember, the goal is to limit its contents to only things that are useful. Those items you don’t recognize need to go, along with the stuff you haven’t used in years but are keeping “just in case”. Pare down ruthlessly. Also, think about the other small things you often go searching for in your home. Your new and improved utility drawer will be the perfect place to store them. 3. Divide it up – This is an important step. Instead of just jamming everything back in the drawer, take some time to divide up the space. You can do this with things you probably have lying around: boxes from checks, electronics, and jewelry make great dividers. Food storage containers with the lids removed are another option. You can also purchase drawer dividers like these:

dividing tray

4. Give everything a home – Now put everything back and assign it a home inside the drawer. Pens go in one section, tape goes in another. That may sound like an insane amount of organization, but imagine how nice it will be to always know exactly where those items live and where to put them away.

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