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Do You Dare to Declutter?

organize junk drawer

My decluttering challenge #FiveFiveThirty is back for the month of October! If you participated last spring you know the deal:

Spend 5 minutes a day

Get rid of 5 items

Repeat for 30 days

That's it! Most of us have so much stuff it's easy to identify five things we no longer need. It can be small items, like expired condiments from your refrigerator door. The idea is to devote just a little time every day and, and the end of the month, you will be 150 items lighter!

I know it can be tough to stay motivated, so I've created a private Facebook group called Dare to Declutter! There, you will find like-minded folks supporting one another and sharing ideas to get rid of the excess. To stay accountable to the FiveFiveThirty challenge, we will be posting photos of the items we are getting rid of (and having a few laughs about the crap we have kept!). Click here to join, and even if you don't post a photo every day I hope you will participate with us.

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