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How to Decorate With Bold Color

use bold colors

Paint powerhouses Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams recently announced their selections for 2018's color of the year and both made bold choices. Here is Benjamin Moore's Caliente (AF-290):

red wall

Benjamin Moore

And this is Sherwin Williams' Oceanside (SW6496):

Sherwin WIlliams

While these shades are on opposite ends of the color spectrum, they do share a few things in common. Both are deep, saturated colors, without much gray mixed in to dull them down. Color preferences are very personal and I don't advocate using a paint color simply because a paint company tells you to, but these adventurous choices are a good reminder to not be fearful of using color in your home. If you are ready to step outside your comfort zone, here are some ways to inject excitement into your decorating with bold color.

1. Use color with white - The photo above of Caliente shows how a deep color on the wall with white trim and furnishings creates a lot of contrast and makes everything pop. Addint in lots of white to a decorating scheme makes a dark wall color seem mresh and modern, and it also hleps keep the space from feeling too overwhelming.

2. Use color in a transitional space - Be experimental with color in spaces where you don't spend an extended amount of time. The entryway, for example, is a place you only pass through, and a bold color there can set the mood for your entire home. The powder room is another opportunity to do something unexpected. No wall color will make that tiny space seem large, so instead do the opposite and try something you might not commit to in your living room or kitchen.

3. Use color on your sofa - Most people play it safe and go with a neutral sofa because it is an investment piece that you have for many years. But going with a color instead not only makes a statement in your home, it will stand the test of time. Each cycle of color trends features its own go-to neutrals that are easy to place in a specific point in the past: think sage green and chocolate brown of former trends, and gray right now. Using a color you love on your sofa will make it timeless.

4. Use color in accessories - If you;re not ready to make a big decorating commitment but still want to infuse your space with color, try doing it with accessories. Keeping your walls and main furniture pieces neutral, but adding a bold rug, artwork, curtains, and pillows can create a lot of interest in a room but are easy to change if you find you want somehting different in the future.

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Make it fab!


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