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Holiday Décor to Keep All Winter Long

seasonal decorations

If you like to deck your home out for the holidays you know the sparkle and shine is one of the things that makes this season so special. But the month of December goes by so quickly, and then all those decorations get packed away and the house seems especially bare for the rest of winter. Here are some ideas for getting a little more mileage out of your holiday décor and keeping your home looking festive and inviting for the months to come.

1. Rethink the theme – If you have lots of santas and snowmen up for the holidays you will probably want to take them down after the holiday. But stars, trees, and even reindeer are neutral enough to keep around come January. Anything that relates to winter or the outdoors will still look appropriate for the next few months.

festive living room

Pottery Barn 2. Neutralize the color scheme – By simply removing the red (or other brightly-colored) items from your holiday trimmings, you take out the part that screams “Holiday”. You’ll be left with metallics and neutral colors that preserve a festive vibe but don’t compete with your everyday décor.

winter decorations

Crate & Barrel 3. Add white – As you’re setting up the house for the holidays consider adding in some white elements, whether it’s snow-covered trees, birch logs, or a chic set of ceramic reindeer. These can stay up after the holiday are over and transition easily into a more neutral, winter theme.

white decor

CB2 4. Use natural/rustic elements – Decorate with natural items, such as pinecones, grapevine wreaths, kraft paper, cork, and burlap. The muted tones of these materials mix well with any other colors during the holiday season, and they can stick around into January and beyond. These rustic textures are very trendy right now and easy to find in stores, or just shop for them your backyard!

natural winter accents

Pottery Barn 5. Keep the tree – There is something magical about winter nights at home with the Christmas tree twinkling. A lot of work goes into setting it up, so why not keep it around a little longer by simply taking the ornaments off but leaving the lights on? If you have a natural tree that needs to be removed before it completely dries out, you can achieve the same feeling with a smaller artificial one that you can find on sale after the holidays.

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