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5 Free Tips to Freshen Up Your Home Décor for Spring

spring decoration

Spring is such an exciting time here in Central New York as we finally get out in the sunshine after a long, cold winter. Why not make the most of the season by switching up your home décor? Here are five easy (and free!) ways to freshen up your home for spring. 1. Change your bedding – Put away the heavy comforter or duvet and replace it with a lighter quilt or blanket to give your bedroom an easy spring makeover. Lots of bedcoverings have an alternate print on the backside, so try flipping yours over for a different look without spending a dime. 2. Decorate with books – Raid your bookshelves for some colorful volumes that you can use to break up your tabletops. Stack a few on the coffee table or buffet and top with a single interesting object for an easy, styled vignette. 3. Add fresh flowers – This one will cost a few bucks, but for the price of a grocery store bouquet you can add a pop of vibrant color and life to your space. Dig out your favorite vase and place a bunch of tulips or daisies in a prominent spot for an instant burst of spring. 4. Edit your décor – Try subtracting some items from your shelves, countertops, and tables to give your home a cleaner look. As the weather warms up put away the throw blankets and excess pillows. Simply removing everything stuck to your refrigerator will make your kitchen look cleaner! 5. Bring outdoor furniture in – It’s still a little cold to be sitting out on the deck, but if you have nice outdoor furniture consider bringing a piece or two inside. A woven chair will add some interesting texture and break up all that upholstery in your living room. A metal café table might be the perfect spot to set down your keys and mail in the entryway. Let go of strict definitions of indoor and outdoor furnishings, and don’t be afraid to mix things up.

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