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5 Organizing Projects That Take Only 5 Minutes

quick organizing

Living in a cluttered home just adds to the stress of everyday life: it’s hard to feel relaxed when you can’t find your keys! While doing a deep dive into your hidden storage spaces is important, sometimes all it takes is a quick session to declutter the areas that you see and use the most to make you feel more in control. Here are five places you can organize in (about) five minutes. 1. Handbag – Digging around in the bottom of your bag to find that receipt or pen or lip balm can be maddening! It only takes a few minutes to dump everything out, clear out the trash and nonessentials, and divide up the rest by category. Use a few ziplock bags or small cosmetic pouches to keep like items separate and avoid that junk collecting at the bottom. 2. Car – Depending on your situation, fully cleaning the interior of your car may take a lot more than five minutes. But regardless of how many cheerios are ground into the seats, five minutes is enough time to remove the trash and rehome anything that doesn’t belong in there. 3. Desk – When is the last time you cleared everything off your desk and gave it a good wipe down? Take a few minutes to do so, and only put back the things you need and use on a regular basis. If you have stacks of paperwork that need to be addressed, get them off your desk and into a bin. Now here’s the important part – make an appointment in your calendar to sort and file those items at a later date. 4. Coffee table – No room on your coffee table to put your feet up or set down a drink? Remove all that clutter and place a tray or basket on top to hold the remotes. Find another spot in a living room drawer or cabinet to stash bulkier items like game controllers. 5. Entryway – Does clutter greet you on your way in the door? Take five minutes to create a more serene transition point into your home. Store your off-season shoes and jackets elsewhere and keep only the ones that are in regular rotation. Decide on a place to store important items like keys and bags, and add a hook or basket to hold them.

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