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Easy Ways to Style a Tabletop

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Do you ever look at images of professionally-designed interiors and wonder how they manage to look so pulled-together? A lot of it is in the details, and styling the surfaces in your home is an easy way to create a more finished look in your home. It really doesn’t take a lot of time or money to create interesting groupings on your tabletops, counters, and bookshelves. Here are a few rules to keep in mind. 1. Keep it simple – Unless you are going for a totally maximalist look, keep your groupings simple. Having some empty space for your eye to rest is important, so don’t fill up your surfaces with too much stuff.

source 2. Consider function first – If you love to put your feet up on your coffee table, having a large decorative grouping on top probably won’t work for you. Think about how that surface needs to function and then decorate around it. 3. Stick with odd numbers – Odd numbers of items tend to look more pleasing to the eye, so keep your groupings to 3, 5, or 7 objects.

source 4. Vary scale, texture, and color – Mix up your groupings with different height objects in varying materials. Use books or ceramics to help tie in the accent colors in your space. 5. Try a tray – Large decorative trays are the perfect base for a tabletop grouping, and small ones work great on top of a stack of books. Interesting, inexpensive options can usually be found in secondhand shops.

source 6. Use meaningful objects – Shop your home for visually interesting objects that are also sentimental. Maybe it’s a ceramic dish your child made in elementary school or some seashells you collected on vacation. Surround yourself with things that tell the story of your life.

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