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Five Phone Apps to Keep You Organized

organizing apps

Our smartphones are amazing devices. They keep us connected to our family and friends and provide so much functionality at our fingertips. They provide a lot of distraction as well, but that’s a topic for another post!

If you’re using your phone mainly for calls, texts, and social media, you are missing out on some great organizational tools. I use a number of apps that save me time and make my life easier and I’d like to share five of my favorites.

1. Google Calendar – While I love using a paper planner to keep track of my goals and daily tasks, nothing beats the features of Google Calendar for scheduling. It’s so easy to check availability or add an appointment on my phone when I’m on the go. I also love the ability to schedule recurring events one step, rather than writing them over and over. You can color code entries, share calendars with others, and receive reminders of upcoming events. It’s an app I truly can’t live without!

2. Evernote – Evernote is a note-taking app with many great organizational features. You can create lists or documents and arrange them in separate notebooks by the categories you choose. A feature I love is the web clipper, which allows you to capture anything you come across online - articles, images, recipes, etc. – and assign them tags so they are easily retrieved later. I use this app to keep a running list of blog post ideas and it’s so easy to add to it when a new idea comes to mind.

4. Dropbox – Dropbox is a file storage and sharing app. Large files can’t always be sent as an email attachment, but Dropbox allows you to do this easily even if the recipient doesn’t have their own account. You can upload your documents and then create a sharable link that allows access to anyone you send it to. I also use it to backup important files.

5. Wegmans – This one is only relevant to those of you living in proximity to a Wegmans grocery store, but if you do I think it’s an app worth checking out! Your account is synced with your Shoppers Club card, so you can access all of your recently purchased items and easily add them to a new shopping list. Search for recipes, save them for later, and add the ingredients to your shopping list in one click. Your list is automatically organized by department and it even tells you the aisle where you can find each item in your particular store!

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