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How to Save Time on Everyday Tasks

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Life is busy. Everyone I know seems to have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Many of our everyday tasks are repetitive so devising ways to do them more efficiently can help us get more done. One tip I recommend is to create kits for your frequent tasks, making it easy to access all the items you need for the things you do over and over. Here are some ways to apply this idea to your own life.

It seems natural to create kits for our hobbies, for example, you might keep all the tools and materials for a current knitting project together in a bag so you can easily grab it when you have some free time. I recommend applying this same approach to everyday tasks like grooming, cooking, and cleaning. Take a look at your bathroom storage and group items together that you use in the morning, in the evening, in the shower, and at the sink. Store them in the appropriate location by use, dedicating one shelf or drawer to your morning routine and another to your evening routine.

Another place you can incorporate this idea is in your cleaning routine. Instead of storing cleaning products under the sink and rags in the linen closet, keep them all in a caddy that can be easily carried from room to room. Cleaning is much more efficient when you can hit all the surfaces in one space before moving on to the next. If you have multiple floors in your home, keep a second caddy on the second floor. You’ll be much more likely to keep that upstairs bathroom clean if you do this!

The kitchen is another place where kits can save you time. Group your pantry items together by use and make it easy for everyone to grab breakfast items and snacks by keeping them stored together in labeled bins. Do you have a recipe or two that you make every week? Keep all the ingredients together so you can speed through the cooking process. I’ve created a smoothie kit and I store it in an open bin in the same cabinet where I keep my blender. This way, I can easily pull everything out onto the counter and blend one up without having to hunt for what I need.

Think about the routine tasks in your life and how you can make them easier to complete. Often, just having the necessary tools at your fingertips will save you time and effort.

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