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How to Simplify Your Holiday Decorating

simple holiday decorations

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to get your home decked out! Putting up holiday decorations is one way to add to the fun and excitement of the season, but it’s a task that can sometimes feel like a chore during such a busy month. It is possible to add festive touches to your interior without spending hours. Here are some ways to simplify your approach.

1. Focus your efforts - Don’t feel the need to decorate the entire house, and instead focus on a few key areas. Go all out with your tree and mantel for example, but leave the rest of the house unadorned. Feel free to decorate only the rooms where you spend the most time. This has the added benefit of making the process of putting away the holiday decorations much easier as well. It's so annoying to find that one stray item somewhere in the house after you’ve packed all the rest away!

2. Limit your color palette - If you’ve been shopping recently you know retailers are offering holiday decorations in a wide variety of color palettes that go beyond the traditional red and green. Neutrals, mixed metallics, blush pink, and brights like turquoise and fuchsia are all available in a wide variety of items. While these new offerings can be tempting, in order to keep things simple decide on a single color scheme for all your holiday décor. It not only gives your home a cohesive feeling, but makes it easier to combine different items in creative ways so you can do more with less.

3. Use things that can be kept out all winter - Instead of using décor that is all holiday-specific, mix in some things are are neutral in color and fit a more general winter theme. This will allow you to keep some things out after the holidays are over and it takes the pressure off having to put everything away come January. Here’s a blog post to give you some ideas to keep the festive vibe going all winter long.

4. Pare down your collection - Maybe you’ve purchased some new decorations recently but are still hanging on to the old, thinking you’ll use them again one of these years. Odds are, if they haven’t see the light of day this season they won’t ever again. After your decorations are up this year take a good look at the rest of your collection sitting in storage and consider donating it. You won’t have as much to store and it’ll make next year’s efforts that much easier!

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