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Where to Dispose of Bulky & Difficult Items

large item disposal

Sometimes the reason why we hang on to things isn’t because we’re attached, but because we don’t know how to get rid of them! Some bulky household items like TVs, mattresses, and appliances can’t simply be placed at the curb for your regular trash pickup. So what can you do with these items that are difficult to get rid of? Here are some ideas:

TVs, Computers, and Electronics - Some stores like Best Buy and Staples will accept discarded electronics. Some charitable organizations like the Salvation Army will, too. Our local recycling organization the Syracuse area, OCRRA, does not accept electronics but they maintain this list of places in the area that do.

Mattresses - If you are purchasing a new mattress the retailer may offer removal of your old one. Amazon has a mattress pickup service in some areas of the country. It’s not currently available in Syracuse but if you live elsewhere it’s worth a look. Locally, OCRRA accepts mattresses at their Ley Creek location, but you need to arrange to get it there. If your mattress is still in decent condition you can post it in the free section on Craigslist. I have done this myself and while it can be a hassle to coordinate pickups with the people who respond, it is worth it to be rid of that old mattress!

Appliances - For appliances that are still in good working order, you can donate them to the Syracuse ReStore where they benefit Habitat for Humanity. For appliances that no longer work, OCRRA accepts them at their Ley Creek location, but you need to arrange to get it there. You can also make a curb alert post in the free section on Craigslist for metal scrappers in your area (this is a good method for disposing of cast iron bathtubs, too). If you’re not able to get the appliance to the curb but need it out of your house, a junk hauler in your area is probably your best bet. Junk King is a well-reviewed service in Syracuse.

Pianos - Getting rid of an unwanted piano can be a difficult task but this article provides some guidelines for either selling or donating. You can also contact The Beethoven Foundation or Pianos for Education for more information on donating your piano.

Construction Materials - Usable construction and building materials can be donated to the Syracuse ReStore, and unusable items are accepted at OCRRA’s Ley Creek location. A junk hauler in your area can also get these items out of your home.

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