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My Favorite Tools for Organizing the Bathroom

let go declutter

As a professional organizer I often get asked for product recommendations to help with home organization. While I stand by my belief that getting organized isn’t about buying stuff, there are some items I use in my own home that make storage much easier. Today, I’m sharing my favorite tools for organizing the bathroom. This is the third post in a recurring monthly series: click to see my product selections for the kitchen and entryway. If you’re not already subscribed to my mailing list, do so at the link at the end of this post so you don’t miss any future recommendations!

shower storage

1. Hanging storage for the shower - Most showers have limited space to store shampoo, body wash, soap, and razors. Even if your shower has some surface area to keep these things, it tends to get messy with soap and wet bottles sitting in puddles of water. Installing a storage shelf that hangs from the shower head allows you to keep your tub tidy while the open wire design lets everything air dry between uses.

storage containers

2. Countertop containers - It’s practical to keep the toiletries you use everyday on the counter, but it can be difficult to keep them from looking cluttered. A decorative open storage container keeps all your products together and it makes it so easy to clean the counter - just move the whole container to wipe underneath. I also like to stash my basket of products in the tub and close the shower curtain when guests come over. It’s a quick way to make the bathroom look clutter-free!

drawer dividers

3. Drawer dividers - If you’re lucky enough to have drawers in your bathroom vanity you know how challenging it can be to keep them neat. Adding shallow dividers allows you to keep small items separate and prevents them from rolling around and getting lost. This set of acrylic dividers allows you to customize your drawers to your specific needs.

storage drawers

4. Small storage drawers - If you don’t have vanity drawers for storage you can add some on top of your counter or stashed under the vanity. These plastic ones are perfect for storing makeup or small bathroom supplies, and the drawers slide out completely for easy cleaning.

cabinet storage shelves

5. Under-cabinet shelving - You can make the most of the space inside your vanity by adding some shelves. This particular style not only expands to fit your space, the shelf sections can be rearranged and removed so it fits around the plumbing!

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