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Find Inspiration to Get Organized on YouTube

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I recently came across this great TEDx talk on YouTube about decluttering (How Many Towels Do You Need?) and it got me thinking about what a great resource this platform is for organizing ideas and inspiration. I have several favorite channels that I watch regularly and I thought I’d share them with you today.

The Minimalists - Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus have a big following for good reason. They post episodes of their podcast and shorter content about living well with less on their channel.

Matt D’Avella - Matt is the filmmaker behind the Minimalism documentary and he shares a beautifully shot and edited video each week about how to live a minimalist lifestyle.

The Minimal Mom - Dawn shares great information for decluttering and maintaining a tidy home with kids.

The Messy Minimalist - If you enjoy watching other people declutter and share their process this channel is for you. Rachel’s videos are well-edited and set to catchy music.

Break the Twitch - Anthony Ongaro gives tips for curbing spending habits and being more productive.

The Organized Soprano - Kay, a pro organizer and working singer in the Boston area, makes videos showing the organizing ideas and products she uses in her own home. Her cute dog Clover also makes regular appearances.

Do It on a Dime - Skip Katherine’s shopping videos but check out her budget cleaning and organizing tips.

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