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Why You Should Use the Good Stuff

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I have a tendency to try to preserve the things that I really love. I hesitate to use my favorite items because that will cause them to wear out and no longer be in their perfect, brand-new state. I do it with my craft supplies, hoarding my best stickers and embellishments because if I use them I won’t have them to select from. When I pick out a pair of socks I gravitate toward the ones I don’t really like so that my best ones are there for another day. When I reach for a coffee mug in the morning I bypass my favorites until I have run out of the plain white ones.

When I consciously think about this behavior I realize how crazy it is. What am I saving this stuff for, exactly? When will this day arrive in the future when it will be appropriate and right to use the good stuff? That day is today - the only day I know I have for sure - and I should be celebrating it by enjoying the things I own to the fullest.

This idea of saving things for someday is a common problem for people trying to rid themselves of clutter. The reasons for holding onto "just in case" items can vary, but if you do this because you feel that some things are just too nice to use, try to shift your thinking. There is no better time than right now to use the good dishes, the beautiful tablecloth, and your favorite scented candles.

If you share my tendency to save the good stuff, let’s resolve to overcome it together. Rather than saving the things we love for some unknown future, let's use them now and instead focus our efforts on getting rid of the things we don't like as much. Imagine opening up your cabinet or closet or sock drawer and and seeing only your favorite things. Paring down to just what you use and love can bring so much joy and simplicity to life.

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