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My Favorite Tools for Organizing the Garage

organized garage

As a professional organizer I often get asked for product recommendations to help with home organization. While I stand by my belief that getting organized isn’t about buying stuff, there are some items I use in my own home that make storage much easier. Today, I’m sharing my favorite tools for organizing the garage. This post is part of a recurring monthly series: click to see my previous selections for the kitchen, entryway, bathroom, and bedroom. If you’re not already subscribed to my mailing list, do so at the link down below so you don’t miss any future installments!

cord organizer

1. Hose/cord wraps - If you're a homeowner you probably have several hoses and extension cords in the garage and you know how much of a hassle they can be to store. These heavy-duty wraps come in several sizes to keep those items tidy, and they include a metal grommet to make hanging them a breeze.

tool organizer

2. Magnetic tool organizer - Keeping your tools neat and organized is key to finding them when you need to use them. These magnetic strip organizers have all the functionality of pegboard but are simple to set up and use. Mount these strips on a wall or the edge of a workbench and let the strong magnets hold your tools in place.

sports equipment

3. Sporting equipment keeper - Bats, balls, racquets, and gloves are awkward items to store in the garage. This hanging rack holds all this and more, keeping your sports gear off the floor and organized.

tool storage

4. Yard tool storage - Heavy items like shovels, rakes, and brooms need a sturdy storage solution. This steel rack screws into your garage wall studs to securely hold all your yard tools.

5. Heavy-duty storage shelves - These metal shelves are strong enough to hold 350 pounds per shelf! They're perfect for paint cans, bags of dirt and mulch, and bins of smaller items. The height of the shelves is fully adjustable to meet your storage needs.

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