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My Favorite Tools for Organizing the Laundry Room

organized tidy laundry

As a professional organizer I often get asked for product recommendations to help with home organization. While I stand by my belief that getting organized isn’t about buying stuff, there are some items I use in my own home that make storage much easier. Today, I’m sharing my favorite tools for organizing the laundry room. This post is part of a recurring monthly series: click to see my previous selections for the kitchen, entryway, bathroom, garage, and office. If you’re not already subscribed to my mailing list, do so at the link down below so you don’t miss any future installments!

laundry sorter

1. Laundry sorter - This rolling hamper has three removable bags that make separating lights, darks, and delicates a breeze. It also has an attached bar that comes in handy for hanging clothes to dry.

laundry room storage

2. Compact rolling storage shelf - Most laundry rooms are tight on space but this narrow rolling shelf can be slid alongside your washer or dryer and pulled out when needed. At only eight inches wide it has a small footprint but is big enough to keep your detergent and dryer sheets handy.

hanging clothes

3. Retractable hanging rod - Another space saving idea is this retractable hanging rod that can be opened up when you need a place for hanging clothes and then folded back to the wall when you don’t.

shelf with bar

4. Wall shelf - Make the most of the area above your washer and dryer with this storage shelf. It comes in several lengths and is available with or without a hanging bar to fit your space and storage needs.

storage cabinet

5. Tall storage cabinet - If you have a bit more room this cabinet provides shelving storage behind closed doors, perfect for keeping the laundry room looking neat and tidy.

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