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My Favorite Tools for Organizing When Traveling

organized tidy laundry

As a professional organizer I often get asked for product recommendations to help with home organization. While I stand by my belief that getting organized isn’t about buying stuff, there are some items I use in my own home that make storage much easier. Today, I’m sharing my favorite tools for staying organized when traveling. This post is part of a recurring monthly series: click to see my previous selections for the kitchen, entryway, bathroom, garage, office, and laundry room.

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packing cubes

1. Packing cubes - These zip up fabric cubes keep your clothes folded neatly and compressed so that you can fit the maximum in your suitcase. You can also use these to keep shoes and dirty laundry from soiling the other items you have packed.

toiletry case

2. Toiletry case - I use a case similar to this every time I travel and it keeps all my makeup, hair and skincare products organized. This one has a hook that allows you to hang it in the bathroom for easy access.

organize technology

3. Tech organizer case - Every time I take a trip I’m amazed at all the charging cords and tech accessories I need to keep track of. This organizer make it easy to keep everything contained and tidy in your carryon.

organized toiletries

4. TSA-compliant toiletry organizer - I use a LOT of beauty products and most of them exceed the 3 ounces allowed in carryon luggage. I use a set of containers like this to bring just as much as I will need. This also comes with a clear case to keep everything visible as you go through security.

lightweight handbag

5. Travel-friendly handbag - Whether you are traveling across an ocean or across town, a lightweight handbag with lots of built in storage comes in handy. I love the Baggalini brand for their stylish yet practical bags. This one has lots of exterior pockets to keep your phone, cash, boarding pass, and ID handy.

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