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A Tip to Navigate Changes in Life

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I hope you’re enjoying the unofficial last weekend of summer! It’s hard to believe that September is upon us already. The change in season has me thinking about how much we resist change in all areas of our lives. Whether it's a relationship, a job, or things in your home that no longer serve you, it's often easier to just stick with what's familiar than to do something different.

I thrive on routines and predictability so stepping outside my comfort zone is a challenge. If you are the same way you may struggle to get rid of stuff because it’s what you are used to and there is comfort in being surrounded by familiar objects. Getting rid of things also signifies bigger changes: your kids have grown up, you don’t do that hobby anymore, you have retired and no longer need that work wardrobe. Keeping the stuff from our past is a way of pretending that those changes aren’t really happening.

In order to move forward we all have to accept change. Heraclitus, a pre-Socractic Greek philosopher, said that “Change is the only constant in life,” and anyone who has been around for a while knows this to be true. But how do you overcome the discomfort of saying goodbye to your past and the stuff that goes along with it?

As I’ve navigated some recent transitions in my own life I’ve found it helpful to visualize myself in a few weeks or a few months from now. Sure, I might feel bad today, but I can see my future self and there I am feeling lighter, freer, and more like me. In my darker moments I try to remember that the hard part is temporary and the good stuff is on the other side. Keep that in mind as you grapple with changes in your own life, and let me know if you need some encouragement on your journey.

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