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Why HGTV and Pinterest Are Not Improving Your Home

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There is no shortage of ideas on decorating and organizing your home today. You can spend hours scrolling on Pinterest or look to pros like Joanna Gaines, but those options can be overwhelming and discouraging. How exactly do you go from your home’s current state to those gorgeous styled rooms on HGTV? The truth is, most of those ideas probably won’t work for you, because they are not tailored to you, your home, and your life. You probably don't live in a farmhouse, so Joanna Gaines's style (while beautiful) won't work in YOUR house!

I get it. When I started my business five years ago I looked to those same sources to figure out how to present myself as an interior designer and organizer. I showed up at clients' homes in a skirt and heels. I made sure the tattoo on my arm was covered up. But I quickly learned that my clients didn't want some HGTV version of a designer. They wanted an actual person who would help them figure out solutions to fit their space and lifestyle (and budget!). I started dressing like myself and being myself.

When I am working with clients I always start with function first. While it’s tempting to jump ahead to picking out paint colors and decor, you first need to determine what you want to DO in your space and what is needed for those activities. How many people do you need to seat for meals, tv viewing, playing games, or doing crafts? Do you need a table or desk or task lighting? Do you need a cabinet or shelf nearby to store supplies for that activity? Your home should be providing the space and function you need for living, and once you figure out that piece of the puzzle you can work on making it look good.

I’ve linked to a few blog posts below that can help get you started thinking about decorating your home. If you need more help, send me a message! I can help you figure out YOUR style, and how to make your space function for the things you and your family love to do. It might not be Pinterest-worthy, but it will be right for YOU.

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Make it fab!


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