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How to Give Your Bathroom a Design Refresh

updated bathroom

I haven't done a design-related post in a while but I recently gave my bathroom a refresh so I thought I would share it along with some tips! First off, I'm a renter so my options for decorating are limited. I can't change anything in the built environment, including the wall color, flooring, or even those awful oak towel bars and paper holder. Maybe you're also a renter or remodeling isn't in your budget at the moment. If that's the case, here are some ideas for sprucing up your decor with just a little effort.

fun bathroom

1. Pick one high impact item - In a small space like a bathroom too many elements that demand your attention can look crazy. Select one thing that will really catch the eye and let everything else support it. This bold, graphic shower curtain is one I've admired (and recommended to clients) for several years. I decided to make it the centerpiece of my bathroom upgrade, and let it dictate the theme of the supporting items.

bathroom towels

2. Choose one element and repeat - To create a cohesive space select a color or pattern and distribute it around the room. Taking my cue from the geometric patterned shower curtain I added towels, a rug, and clock that also repeat this design in black, white, and dark gray.

metal clock

3. Consider the permanent features - Maybe you have a floor tile that you really dislike, but you can't change right now. Instead of ignoring it completely, choose decor that compliments it. This doesn't mean you need to select things that match the tile, but at the very least don't add elements that clash, as that will only draw more attention to it. My bathroom has some dated oak features that I wish it didn't! But the curtain I selected has a coppery shade in it that is in the same color family as the oak, making it look a bit more intentional.

framed poster

4. Add personality - Bathrooms are mainly functional spaces so it can be difficult to make them look interesting. Try adding some of your own personality, and I think the easiest way to do this is with artwork. I fell in love with this David Bowie print so I let it be the only bright spot of color in the room (also, artwork doesn't need to match your color scheme!). The black frame helps it to tie in with the rest of the items.

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Make it fab!


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