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You Can Become an Organized Person

be more organized

Clients tell me all the time that they are are simply not good at decluttering or organizing their homes. To this I say anyone can develop these skills! Being organized is not some inborn trait that you either have or you don’t. Personally, I think that talent is overrated. While some of us come into this world being better at some things than others, I think that anyone can make self-improvements with some hard work and motivation.

I learned this lesson when I went back to school for interior design in my mid-30s. One of the first classes I took was drawing, and I was terrible at it. My classmates were all 18 or 19 and most of them had taken years of art courses in high school. Each week we had “critiques”, which basically amounted to pinning up our latest assignments on the wall and everyone weighing in on each other’s work out loud. It was a humbling experience, to say the least!

Despite those difficult moments I was undeterred and motivated to continue studying design. I had to learn about foreign concepts and build things with my hands and on the computer. Prior to my return to school I was fairly tech-challenged, and I had to really stretch myself to become proficient using design and 3D modeling software. At times it was extremely frustrating but I put in a lot of hours and not only graduated but did so Summa Cum Laude!

I’m not sharing this to pat myself on the back. I’m sharing it to remind you that you have likely taken on similar challenges that seemed insurmountable at the start but you ended up exceeding your own expectations. The next time you look around your home in frustration and tell yourself “I’m just not good at this,” stop and remember that being organized is not something you ARE, it’s something you DO. And you can do this! It just takes a little time and effort. One way you can get started is to join in my October decluttering challenge: #FiveFiveThirty! Keep reading for more details.


spend 5 minutes a day get rid of 5 items repeat for 30 days

Do you need a jump-start to clear the clutter from your home and your life? Try my decluttering challenge FiveFiveThirty!

Most of us have so much excess it's easy to identify five things we no longer need. With only a small commitment of time each day, by the end of the month you will be 150 things lighter!

For help with the challenge, join my free, private Facebook group, Dare to Declutter! It is a community of like-minded folks supporting one another and sharing ideas to get rid of the excess. Group members are encouraged to post photos of their 5 items each day - it's a great way to stay accountable!

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Make it fab!


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