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Why You Probably Don't Need a Sectional Sofa

sectional sofa cons

If you’re in the market for a new sofa you’ve probably seen lots of sectional options for sale. Sectionals have their place, but when I am designing rooms for clients more often than not I recommend a standard 3-seater sofa. Here are four reasons why a sectional might not be the best choice for your home:

1. Seating - Most people consider a sectional because they want to maximize seating in their space. I will argue that a standard 3-seater sofa and two chairs provides the same if not more seating opportunities as a sectional, and does so more comfortably.

Here’s why: the corner of a sectional is not really a seat. A child or pet might be able to curl up there, but because it has no leg space an adult cannot comfortably sit in the corner. So you are left with the seats spanning the two sides. Most sectionals can seat four or five in this manner: the same number that can be accommodated with a standard sofa and a chair or two. And because chairs can be pulled away from the sofa, the two people sitting at the interior corner are more comfortable than those seated in the same spots on a sectional.

2. Size - Sectionals require more space than a sofa. The one you are considering might not look that big in the showroom when you are shopping, but take the measurements home and lay them out in your room before making a purchase. I often consult with people after they have purchased a sectional and they are struggling to make it work. In most cases it’s simply too large for their space.

3. Flexibility - Because sectionals have such a large footprint they usually only fit in one position in a room. A standard sofa gives you the flexibility to change up your layout if you get tired of it in the future. This is also something to consider if you think you might be moving, as a sofa will be more likely to fit in your new home.

4. Entertaining - Another popular sectional style has an attached chaise lounge on one side. It looks like this:

The seat with the chaise makes for a very comfortable spot when you are curled up watching a movie, but it might not serve your needs if you plan to entertain guests frequently in this space. When you have people over who will be hanging out and talking, the chaise becomes an awkward spot to sit in with one's feet up while everyone else is sitting upright engaged in conversation.

Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for practicality. You can purchase an ottoman that can slide in front of the sofa when you want to put your feet up and can be pushed out of the way when it’s not needed.

So when does it make sense to purchase a sectional? If you have a large room that you will use mostly for relaxing and watching TV and movies with your family, a sectional can be a great, comfortable choice!

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