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Reduce Waste and Save Money With This One Idea

use what you have

One of my obsessions is makeup. Ever since I was a kid I have loved checking out the cosmetics aisle in the drug store and trying out new products. Nowadays I watch a lot of makeup channels on YouTube (check out my favorites here and here). A common video theme for beauty influencers is something called “project pan”, where they set goals to use up specific cosmetics within a period of time. The name refers to using up so much of a product that the metal pan underneath starts to show through, as in a powder compact. Because these people have huge collections of products it takes a real effort for them to use things up.

This idea can be applied to things outside of the makeup world. Retailers constantly release new variations of their products because they know it generates excitement to buy. How many times do we caught up in this and buy something new before we have used up the older version? When I look around my own home I see enough bottles of shampoo and hair care, skin care, pens, and notebooks to last me the rest of 2020 at least! For you it might be food in the pantry, hobby supplies, or cleaning products. Whatever you are interested in you likely buy more related supplies than you can reasonably use.

In an effort to reduce waste and save some money, why not try your own version of project pan? Collect all of those products you are hoarding and commit to not buying anything in that category until you have used up some of what you already own. Set some goals for yourself. If you need accountability, come join my Facebook group Dare to Declutter! My personal commitment is to abstain from purchasing any additional hair care products until I have used up my current stash of regular and dry shampoo. What can you use up before its shelf life is over?

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