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How to Get Rid of Junk Mail

junk mail

Paper clutter is a big issue for most of us, and one way to address the problem is to stop allowing it to enter your home. A major source of paper clutter is junk mail: all those unwanted catalogs, sales flyers, credit card offers, and coupons. Not only do these make more work for us, they are a waste of resources to be produced and sent only to be tossed in the recycling bin upon arrival. Free resources exist to get off junk mail lists and they work! I have used them myself and I now go DAYS without receiving any mail at all.

If junk mail is a problem for you, set aside some time this week to visit these sites and enter your information to be removed from junk mail lists. This is an easy action that will help reduce the clutter in your home! – This is the Do Not Call list for your mailbox. Sign up and you can request removal from all categories of advertising mail or only the ones you select. – Reduce the preapproved credit card offers you receive at this site. You can opt out of these offers for five years on the website or request a permanent removal from these lists with their mail-in form. – Create an account and then search by company name to remove yourself from mailing lists. Their database includes catalogs, charitable organizations, and more. – Register on this site to discontinue catalogs, magazine offers, and other marketing offers by category or company name. You can also use this site to stop marketing mail sent to deceased individuals.

Keep in mind requests made on these sites can take up to 60 days to take effect. Some companies may require a call to get off their lists. Contact their customer service department and ask to be removed.​

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