Here's my story...

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HI! I'm Carrie, a professional organizer and interior designer based in Syracuse, NY. I started Pretty Neat in 2014 to help others get rid of clutter and create beautiful spaces that work for real life. My story began as a kid who always kept her room clean and rearranged the furniture for fun. I went through a tough time in my 20s after my father died and, a few years later, I got divorced. I moved out of a big suburban house that I could barely afford to start over in a small 1-bedroom apartment taking only the basics with me. By society's standards I had taken a big step backwards, but instead of feeling like a failure I found that minimalism gave me the mental and emotional space I needed to grieve my big losses and figure out what I wanted to do next.

I went back to school to study interior design, a lifelong passion, and I eventually started my own company. I recognized the positive impact simplifying had on me during that difficult time and I knew I wanted to help others who were navigating their own life transitions. Today, a major part of my business is sharing what I have learned about the benefits of minimizing and helping others do it, too.

My work is a partnership with my clients to devise simple yet practical solutions that reflect their own individual style. Getting to know them and their families (including pets!) is a highlight of my job and it helps me design systems and spaces that truly fit their lives.

I am committed to building trust with my clients and protecting their personal information. I worked for more than a decade in the fields of medical and psychological research and received extensive training in maintaining confidentiality. Many people I work with express embarrassment about the current state of their homes. I am not there to judge but to help address problems and design solutions for better living.

But don't just take it from me!

Here's what my clients have to say:


"I was able to clear over a decade of clutter in [a] short time thanks to Carrie's simple, straight forward methods, and I ended up profiting (literally!) doing so! She was a pleasure to work with and not once did I feel judged for the mess I had made that's now just a memory. Highly recommended!"

- S.J.


"Carrie has not only changed the feel of my home but the feel of my life. When I walk into my home it feels welcoming and open. My living room is now a peaceful place to be opposed to the old "dungeon" it felt like. She even helped me declutter my home and realize all of the items I was holding on to that no longer provided any use to me. Carrie is professional and listens to exactly what you are looking for. She is an A+ in my book."

- J.S.


"Her designs showed that she listened to me and she did not have a problem with my desire to make any changes. She held my hand through the whole project and it was a wonderful success. I would hire her again in a heartbeat."

- B.M.