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It's more important than ever to have an organized, functional home that feels like a sanctuary. I can help you create a space that works for all the things you need to do, whether it's working from home, managing remote learning, or just relaxing with the ones you love!

Want to learn how to get rid of your toughest clutter?

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Hi I'm Carrie!

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As a professional organizer and designer I help people manage their stuff as they navigate their big life changes. I've been passionate about design and organization my entire life, starting out as a weird kid who always kept her room clean and rearranged the furniture for fun. I went through a difficult time in my 20s after my dad died and I got divorced. I moved out of a big suburban house that I could barely afford to start over in a small 1-bedroom apartment taking only the basics with me. By society's standards I had taken a big step backwards, but I found that minimalism gave me the mental and emotional space I needed to grieve my big losses and figure out what I wanted to do next.


Now, I bring that experience (and a degree in interior design) to teach others how to clear away the clutter that holds them back and to design spaces that are beautiful yet practical for everyday living. If you are feeling overwhelmed about the state of your home, I can help! Read more about my story here.


Interior Designer Syracuse NY Professional Organizer Syracuse NY

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You want a home that looks awesome and functions perfectly for all the stuff you do there. I provide just as much help as you need to create a gorgeous space that fits your style and budget.


You need help getting rid of the excess in your home to make space for what is most important. I provide innovative advice and hands-on assistance with no judgment.


You are looking for an engaging speaker for your event. I can deliver a talk that will inspire your group to clear the clutter from their lives and make space for what really matters.

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